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1. Advantages and disadvantages of online betting  
Many people assume that  gambling online is better than “real world” gambling and, depending on your point of view, it might be. But, as with all things in life, online betting and gambling has its advantages and disadvantages and, in order to make an educated decision, every person who wants to gamble online should know them ahead of time.
Of course one of the most obvious advantages that online gambling has over its real-world counterpart is that it’s extremely convenient. With online gambling you can gamble from your home, office or even the coffee shop down the street. Online casinos also have regulations that are less strict and more “player friendly” than actual casinos, making them a bit more laid-back and websites such as M88 Vietnam help the player decide what games to play.
If you’re new to online gambling, many online casinos will offer you a “sign-up bonus” as a first-time player, something you might not get at a real-world casino. For example, some will give you from 10 to 50% of your preliminary deposit in your gambling account as a bonus to play with, or give you special prizes based on the amount of money that you wager.
The convenience factor we talked about earlier also means that you won’t run into any of the types of people that sometimes frequent real-world casinos, like people who cheat at cards, people who drink too much and act like fools, con artists and other “seedy” characters.  Also, since there’s no staff bringing you drinks and asking if you need anything, there’s no need to give away any of your winnings as a tip.
As far as disadvantages go, one of the worst is that online casinos usually take more time to pay out than their land based brethren and, in some cases, it can take up to a month before a player will be able to collect their winnings. This of course calls for quite a bit of patience, especially if you’re used to getting paid right away at a regular casino.
Another problem is customer service. In a regular casino if you have a problem you can be sure that, within seconds, you’ll have someone there to help you figure it out. With online casinos, getting in touch with customer service is sometimes not easy and, other times, extremely difficult. If you need help right away there’s a good chance that you won’t get it and will instead have to send an email and wait a few days for a response.
Then there’s the final problem of gambling intelligently. Sometimes online gambling is so easy that it becomes a bad habit before you realize or you spend more money than you can afford.
So again, before you make your decision about which type of casino, online or “real world” is better, play a few hands at both and make a decision for yourself. If anything, you’ll have some fun and gain some valuable experience.


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