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Best Hostels in Macau - Asia's gambling hotspot

Best Hostels in Macau - Asia's gambling hotspot
Not only is Macau, China’s gambling hotspot, following the creation of a Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the area by the communist authorities. The SAR meant that gambling could be legalised, creating a tourist destination of choice for the gambling mad Chinese nation who have no other access to legal gaming, unlike some other SE Asian coutnries who have websites like M88 Indonesia to use and setup accounts.
Development in Macau has mirrored the development of Las Vegas with the construction of large, glitzy resort hotels that function around super casinos. Such is the success ofMacau as a gambling city; it is now being recognised as a gamer's holiday destination on the world stage. All of this is fine and dandy if you are travelling on a Las Vegas style budget but if you are cash limited yet want to see Macau before its old personality is lost forever what do you do? What follows is a description of three of the best hostels (please note hostels, not hotels) in Macau where you can rest your weary back pack for a far more reasonable sum.
1 Auguster’s Lodge – doesn’t exactly have an authentic Chinese ring about the name but this little hostel is located smack in the middle of the city centre, between Senbado Square and the Lisboa Casino. With dormitoryaccommodation, you get the feeling of a true backpacker’shosteland your stay is made morecomfortable because of the air conditioning and clean showers with all the hot water you can want. Because of the central location, you are minutes’ walk from many of the most famous sights to see in the city.
2 The SanVa Hotel – iconic because of its 100 year history expect the bare bones from your accommodation here. However, the price is excellent if you aretravelling on a budget. You get a feel for the history of Macau immediately you arrive as the hotel is in an old traditional Portuguese property dating back to the colonial era. You are close to all the nightlife and some great local eateries that are off the tourist trail.
3 Hotel Ko Wah is located on the historic Rua de Felicidade so puts you right in the heart of the city’s historic quarter. Staying here you are within minutes of the most popular touristsites such as Senado Square, The Museum of Macau and Largo de Santo Agostino. A little more expensive than other hostels but still very reasonably priced and you do get air com and an ensuite bathroom.


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