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Guidelines To Play Rocky Game Through Online And Their Bonus Information:
Vouge play is the online gaming service provider and we can play the game through online. The rocky is one of the games in vogue play and this rocky is the boxing game. We will be entering into the boxing stage wherein rocky logo will be available and he is the champion in the boxing and he will be guiding us while playing in the stage as well. We can also feel our own body while playing boxing in the stage. Once we get all the opponents for the rocky, then the game is ready to play. We are always considered as the symbols in the game and we will be appearing only on the reel of the game slot. We need to spin the reels to start the game. The large letters in the symbol that are associated with the reels will be considered as the main hero in the rocky game. There will be also beautiful amount of sound track that will be played in the background of the game which will give more effective to the rocky game as well. We will also feel the reality of the rocky game while playing through online website with the sound effect. There are also three icons will be available in the game and it is considered as operating the special functions in the game and they are wild, scatter and bonus.

We are also allowed to rate this symbols in the game as well. We need to get the substitute symbol to play the game. We are also need to get the combination of the symbols in the same row. We need to try until the combinations are getting matched and if we win the combination match, we will get the opportunity to play with the rocky for free. There are also payouts available for the game as well. We have the option to win the amount from $0.01 to $2 for the correct combination of the symbols. If we have 25 lines same, we have the option to win $0.25 and the maximum bet that we can gain in the game is $500 per spin. If we have 5 rocky types of coins together in the line and we have the option to win up to 10,000 coins. The rocky game also has two types of jackpots and they are $20,000 and $16,000 depends upon the collection of wild symbols. We can play this game through online in the following web link vogueplay.com/rocky/.

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